The Submission

What has happened since ‘Fin’ was published?   Difficult. Difficult times. Well, it is kind of a funny story.   Whilst at the meeting on the 30th it was suggested that I rewrite the dissertation proposal in the style of an essay, intertwining references and a structure similar to that of the future thesis. Was … More The Submission


A quick catch up from last weeks progress.   What has happened? So I began by looking over the notes I made within my journal, the first task that need to be completed was the addition of the freewheel mechanism within the internal components. Now I have found the quickest way of adding components to … More Go.

Holey Moley

The results are in…   And YES the initial idea has just become 100x harder to pull off.   The internal components for the drill were just extruded, there are no internal details, no cogs, not way to modify without me being tasked with creating those components from scratch. Take a look.     Righto. … More Holey Moley


SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED. LETS BEGIN I spoke to Sarah, my dissertation supervisor about the problem I was having with deciding what I wanted to write about, she simply asked what I thought and what my gut was telling me, that being the critical design subject. Going forward I spoke about my rough plan about … More *Inhale*….*Exhale*

Teenage Kicks – Cultural Approaches to Dr. Martens Boots

I found this weeks keynotes lecture a lot more informative than the previous, this particular lecture focused on the image of brands and the example used was Dr. Marten boots and it was presented by Cath Davies. Some Important points that I wrote down during this lecture: Meaning Behind Function The Cultural Biography Of Things … More Teenage Kicks – Cultural Approaches to Dr. Martens Boots

The Image World

I found this weeks keynotes lecture quite interesting, Jonathon Clarkson began the lecture talking about how images behave and how the image that we see is in fact a copy or a photograph of the actual object which I was quite curious about – I couldn’t really find a common narrative between this weeks keynotes … More The Image World