‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ – W_Eight

Vogue. Bricolage and Contemporary Japanese Subcultural Scenes. I found that I understood this final lecture more than the several prior to today, we looked at ‘Bricolage’ and understanding the history of different styles and how cultures have adopted some cultures that do not belong to them. Notes I made, These will allow me to advance … More ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ – W_Eight

‘Smells Like Teens Spirit’ – W_Four

Fight The Power! Subcultures and the challenging of hegemonic values. The Zoot Suit. This was the title of today’s constellation lecture, We began by looking at the ‘Zoot Suit’ of the 1940s. After being told to go through the reading theory that we all had brought we spent a good ten to fifteen minutes working through the … More ‘Smells Like Teens Spirit’ – W_Four