The End of the Glue Gun Project has arrived!   Praise the Lord.   Can we move onto something more interesting, exciting, adventurous?   The presentation went well…Around five words were spoken by myself.   I feel as though if I were given the opportunity to speak about the design in full, it would have … More Anti-Climax

The Nutcracker

The final week has arrived   I have found this project to be more tedious than it needed to be, a lot of last minute decisions made to hopefully make the project more stable. Has it worked?   The CNC Model that I have been working throughout these four weeks to possess was completed on … More The Nutcracker

Victoria’s Secret

Progress Progress Progress!   Following on from last week I continued to move forward with designing the hot glue gun.   I decided that with the project being formative I would be able to adventure into different avenues of design development. Looking back at the BBC Project and specifically the Orangebox site visit, the staff … More Victoria’s Secret


Following on from the freedom experienced with Futures I have been welcomed back into subject with a CAD CAMM project. One of the first things said during the opening presentation, product designers do not have freedom with the briefs they are given. Great. Looks like the chains have been slapped on within the first five … More Whiplash