The Submission

What has happened since ‘Fin’ was published?   Difficult. Difficult times. Well, it is kind of a funny story.   Whilst at the meeting on the 30th it was suggested that I rewrite the dissertation proposal in the style of an essay, intertwining references and a structure similar to that of the future thesis. Was … More The Submission


The finish line is in sight   I have made it, I have succeeded in my task   /takes a sip of Guinness/     Now the real fun begins!   I decided that the only way for me to finish the proposal, the first draft at least, would be to pull an all nighter … More Fin

A Snails Pace

Progression has slowed down to a snails pace Is this due to a lack of motivation? What is the problem here? I took one week off from staying late and working Is this the start of my downfall? I have struggled a lot with including Journals into my proposal, I believe that the one journal … More A Snails Pace


So What has happened since the 28th of February?   I am a little disappointed with the amount of information gathered from the third source (above), I was hoping to gain a key insight into the class structure yet only one thing stood out to me. This means that I will have to look for … More Tick-Tock.


SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED. LETS BEGIN I spoke to Sarah, my dissertation supervisor about the problem I was having with deciding what I wanted to write about, she simply asked what I thought and what my gut was telling me, that being the critical design subject. Going forward I spoke about my rough plan about … More *Inhale*….*Exhale*