Mind Your Own Business – Busy, Busy, Busy.

Following on from Thursday our group worked very hard to complete the different tasks set so we were ready for the Sales day. The production of the key rings were completed on Wednesday with around 250 units made in total, the only worry is that we have run out of key rings but hopefully our order of an additional 100 arrive before the 1st. The uniforms have been completed which is very good news, after our initial brand ‘Epoch’ did not last we were able to reuse the shirts with that logo on by simply covering the old brand with the new.

The Logo for the T-Shirts….perhaps another product?…

The uniforms were Jessica’s priority and I think they turned out pretty great, from having /ruined/ t-shirts with the old logo on to now having these…it is a pretty big step. Good Stuff.

The presence of social media has been growing throughout the week too, with the addition of an Instagram page for our brand we are now able to reach a new audience for our products.

Follow us here at: http://www.instagram.com/humorouscsad

Our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Humorous-1894029954159130/

Thursday started out with a talk from Richard where he explained and pointed out the key points that all of the groups should have covered by this point, this ranged from the business plan being completed apart from the financial part to production and uniforms. I felt pretty confident on Thursday morning because from where I was standing my group was doing well with hitting the deliverables coming up to sales day on the 1st.

Production was complete – minus the 50 key rings needed.

The business plan was up to date /supposidly/ – I have yet to see the business plan.

With Steffan being in charge of the business plan I am confident that the work will be completed on time and to a high standard so we can all come together prior to the 8th so we can finalise the small details.

The one urgent part for the Sales day that needed to be completed was the stand that Humorous are going to sell from. Now up to this point I thought this task was being completed but it turned out that was false. After speaking with the group about the stand ideas we agreed on a basis to stand from, we then went to Richard to discuss the idea to see what he thought. Long story short, part of the idea was good, some not so much.

Where did we go from there?

Following the talk with Richard myself and Ayush began to measure the dimension for the idea, that being a giant bone sticking through two light boxes that showcase our products whilst the bone is used to advertise our brand and become used as the table in which we sell.

I think all credit should go to Richard for designing our Sales stand.

Lets get cracking!

Now we did run into a rather large problem, out of the group only I had inductions on the machinery which meant at that time I would be left to make the sales stand. Fun. I quickly asked two members of the group to ask the technicians for inductions ASAP so they could help with the building of the stand but as of writing this (28/11/2016 – 04:00) they have yet to have the inductions due to interview days. I am very much hoping that they get the induction either later on today or tomorrow because I already have a lot of work that needs to be completed for different projects and more work means more stress.

The progress so far:

The Skeleton of the Stand

Prior to the weekend the stencil for the sales stand was cut out using the laser cutter, this seemed like the easiest option as I had already booked it for the day and the accuracy compared to if it was done by hand….well you could not compare.

The stencil being cut – Progress
Tape was needed

Moving Forward!

During the weekend further work was put into the sales stand, to prepare for spraying the logo onto the wood provided for us a few coats of white paint were needed to act as the colour of the bone for the stand, this was a pretty simple task, another coat every two or three hours. The fun part came when the stencil was ready to be used, seeing as the stencil was split into four different parts it took some time to connect them using frogtape, once satisfied the spraying began.

The board after around four coats.

Now another difficulty that occurred whilst spraying was due to the wood being a little warped the stencil did not lay flat on the surface, this caused gaps to appear and that meant the spray would most certainly bleed…..it did bleed…a lot.

Lining up the stencil to tape onto the board
You can see some obvious bleeding….

The board needed to be touched up following the spraying, this meant going around the edges of the bled lines and covering them with white paint so they looked a little sharper. The outcome was not the best as whilst looking close up at the board you can clearly see a little discolouring around the areas that did bleed but whilst at a distance like it will be on Sales day it looked pretty good…I am pleased and I hope my team are too.

I forgot to take a photograph of the board after touching up the lines…that will be added when I get around to it.

A look to the future.

What happens next?

Well I will be bringing the boards back into university today to see what they look like with the two light boxes, from there measurements will need to be made for the making of the bone ends that will slide into the outer ends of the light boxes to create the bone. Our team will need to source another board piece for the surface later today…that should not be an issue though.

Overall this week has been very long but in turn extremely productive, even though I am struggling to keep up with the different deadlines looming I am pretty confident that I will be able to get the things completed on time, even if that means losing a little sleep over it.

The next time you will see an update on this project will be after the sales day.


01.12.2016 @ CSAD Heartspace     10am – 5pm