Mind Your Own Business – Take…Three?


As I thought this project couldn’t possibly have any more surprises in store…It turns out the communication has been a little difficult this past weekend as one of our group members is currently in the process of dropping out of uni.

Following some uncertainty in the group I decided it would be a great idea to email Richard about the situation we found our selves in. Richard emailed us to suggest that we all go to see him in the afternoon as a group to discuss what the next step would be….seeing as some of the members were not actually on campus just two of us turned up.

We began to discuss the problems our group were dealing with. How were we going to achieve this task that we had set our selves? Was it possible in just over two weeks?…I was not convinced. Richard spoke to us both about the overall project and what the other groups were doing, we were slacking behind….severely.

From this talk with Richard we had a clear perspective on things, we still had time.

So what happened next?

At the end of the day I began speaking with a third year about the difficulties, we began to discuss the ideas that the group had and what possible solutions there were that we may not have already thought of. After recounting the initial concept stage of this project I did mention the possibility of having a brand that produced keychains because they are a relatively easy sell as long as the designs were desirable.

This idea stuck with me, with around 16 days to go till the Sales Day it was becoming a really attractive idea to go with. After some discussion with the group we came up with the idea of having internet memes put on to keychains, our thinking behind this? We thought about how most people who enjoy memes usually do sat in front of a screen of some sort, that being either their laptops or phones. Our group wanted to see whether having these meme keychains would create a face to face conversation between  people like the digital memes do online, this was suddenly an exciting project which could turn into an experiment of sorts.

The group were all on board with this last minute idea. Awesome, lets get cracking!

Our Name? Easy….Humorous.

The first thought would be that we would spell it like the bone seeing as memes ‘hit the funny bone’ so to speak. Too Cheesy? Maybe.

Our Strapline? Done….’Hitting that Funny Bone’.

We were all very pleased with the logo created.

The logo was created by Ayush, he volunteered to do produce the logo using Photoshop. When I first saw this logo I was very surprised with how happy i was with the outcome, a little part of me thought that this third attempt would also burst into flames…Phew!

Now granted, this is also quite cheesy but seeing as most of the time ‘Cheesy’ sells, why not now? Whilst spitballin’ these ideas around the group chat we all seemed to be agreeing on a lot of the ideas that were put forward so I was extremely confident that we had finally found our feet. Surely we couldn’t change it now?

Lassen Sie uns weiter.

On Tuesday the beginning of prototypes began, it was difficult to judge the sizes of the different types of memes so I made three templates for the two initial designs at various sizes.

First Time using Illustrator.
80mm – 60mm – 40mm in Height.

The size that was best suited to fit on a set of keys was the 40mm memes, the 60mm was a little too large and the 80mm….well….forget about it. After making these prototypes the group began to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using the ply wood. We also discussed the possibility of varnishing the wood to give it added effect.

Medium Varnish – Dark Varnish.

I thought that it was the best opportunity on Wednesday evening to begin batch production of the acrylic keyrings, around forty were done.

Perhaps this is a bad photograph..?
That’s better. Look at that detail!

Moving on to Thursday morning Richard discussed the presentation each group would be doing for a panel group following the sales day, He spoke of the different questions that may come up and what the groups could do to ensure that the presentation goes well. I am a little concerned about this presentation that the group will do, I am still not confident in my ability to present work in front of other people…I guess I will just have to go for it.

Moving on from this talk our group began discussing the different aspects of the project that need to be completed, we spoke about packaging, the sales day stand design and the possibility of adding more designs to the batch that were already confirmed. We all felt that the most important thing to do right away was advertising across the university for the sales day on the 1st of December.

The advertising poster..created by Ayush and Jessica

I think this image really works well for the brand that we are going for, with our name, our strapline and the date of the sale clear to viewers I think this will interest them into wanting to see more of what we have. I also believe it is good that we have advertised one of the products that we will be selling, this allows the views to know what will be in stall without fully telling them the whole story yet. The one issue I have is the quality of the cut out, I think that if projected onto walls at certain sizes the pixelation of the figure will show and not make the poster look completely professional.

Fast forwarding to the end of the day and we had so much done, with around 119 units ready for the sales day we were feeling very pleased.

Ft. Some additional Meme designs.

At this moment in time there are 73 Clear Acrylic units and 46 Plywood units, I believe that going into next week we will begin to even out that number but it is clear that the favoured material is the clear acrylic. Following some Subject work on Monday I hope to jump on to the lasercutter once more to begin making more units for sales day, it was suggested by Richard that we make as many a possible seeing as we were not spending much in the way of materials and time.

A Whole Lot of Keychains

All group members have the tasks that they were set to complete for next Thursday, on that day we will discuss the progress and anything we have missed or need to go over. Overall I am very happy with the progression and time spent on this idea that only started on Monday, it feels good to have something that could sell and we hope to begin further advertising this week in the other areas on campus like the management block.