Mind Your Own Business – Take Two

On Thursday morning all of the members of our group showed up and we began to talk about the plans for the day, we decided that the best idea would be to begin production of the prototypes, refining them to make them better fit to the phone and also aesthetically. Whilst Menna and Jess went off to begin production Steffan began to update our progress as a brand on a new whiteboard sheet that Richard placed on the wall in the studio. I returned to my part of the business plan that needed to be completed for the group and Ayush began to update our social media page.

I felt like the progress for our products were going well, there was a small issue with the look of the prototypes however, they were a little too wide so following some advise from Craig Thomas, Interior Designer,  we began to make more accurate templates.

Prototypes. Not Good Enough. At All.

Craig suggested that we embroid our leather phone cases with our logo, we took a look at the different types available to us and began to think about a universal thread that could be used on all of the various colours. This was an interesting thought, the colours displayed were very bright, Oranges, Yellows, Greens etc. The group discussed what could suit best and we all agreed on the Orange.

Now I believe that this is where this project began to go downhill for us, I believe that I and many others in the group believed that the quality of the phone cases were not up to par. We did continue with prototyping up until around 3:00pm and by this time we had our logo embroidered on to the leather, I believed that it looked actually quite nice but then again, it did not match the design we were going for.

Around this time Myself, Jess and Menna were heading back over to the workshop to continue making the prototypes. Menna stopped us and began to talk about this New idea that she had seeing as she didnt seem very happy with what was happening up to this point. Menna spoke about an idea of using pre-existing clear phone cases that snap onto the devices and completely customising them with different fabrics and things like that so each one is unique.

Well…what could I say? Five weeks into the project with so much completed and you want to change the idea? …..Okay, I guess?

Whilst hearing this new concept all I thought about was the time and money we had all put into the project so far and it all seemed to be worth nothing now. Seeing as I was already a little fed up with this project I thought ‘Whats the worst that could happen?’. Following this discussion with half of the group the next step was to fill the other members in and ask if they were on board.

After speaking to Richard about our idea change he reassured the group that there was still time to do this and make a success out of it. He did admit that we would have to pay him to use one of the leather phone cases that were produced. I couldn’t agree more.

What Happened Next?

 The group decided that it would be a good idea to go back to the drawing board to make the brand from scratch.


A suggestion from the beginning weeks, it seems like it would fit the products description pretty well…lets roll with it.

It didn’t take long for our group to begin the logo design, it was completed within around 20 minutes of the idea changing. Here are some images of the logo both digitally and stitched:

The idea for the third image was to have our logo on the inside of the phone cases on some cotton. I believe that the first prototype for this is good but we can certainly improve, we have to.

Where do we go from here?

There are 17 days till the Sales Day on the 1st of December, this means the group must get everything done in that time.

To start a schedule must be created to showcase the deliverables for the last two Thursdays where we will officially meet up to continue the project.

Persona Schedule.jpg
The schedule I created.

I have to admit that the communication between the team members is suffering a little bit from this week. I have tried my best to allow us to come together as a collective and get the work that needs to be done completed in time.

I hope to hear back from my fellow team members soon on their thoughts of the schedule so we can then allocate roles for each deliverable…as of yet I have only heard from one member.