Mind Your Own Business – Once a Week.

What progress has been made since last Thursday?

Well I am happy to say that quite a look has happened, starting off in the morning, when all of the group members arrived we went through the materials and began discussing what we could do with them. Unfortunately the sizes of the leather were not big enough for us to delve into making laptop or tablet pouches. Whilst talking within the group we came to an agreement that it’d be best if we get the production of the phone cases started as a priority so we could then come back to the idea in the future if that is still an option.

What happened next? 

Well we were fortunate enough to have another talk from a group that previously did this field project, they spoke about their use of social media and how if you update people on the progresses of the project they could then give feedback on what they think works and what does not. I took a lot from this talk and I think our group did too.

Following that discussion our group split up so we could get some tasks done, Myself and Steffan went into the model workshop so we could begin making the templates for the phones (we needed someone to document the process for the social media page). Ayush updated our Facebook page making it look a lot more professional with many more updates than we had at the start. Jessica and Menna went to the stitch room to digital print our uniforms for the sales day on the 8th of December.

The Outcome

Let us begin with the phone templates, after researching into the different methods of stitching leather I found that templates were used in all of them. This allows for the person stitching to make way for enough room so the template could then slide in and out with ease and no difficulty. I brought this point up to the group as I was concerned that the prototype we had made did not consider the width of the mobile device rendering it not usable. Menna, a textiles student assured me that this would not be the case with the use of those templates.

These templates are of the most popular devices around today

The documented process of me making the templates

You will be able to see more if you check out our Facebook page, be sure to like it.


I am really impressed with the work that Ayush has done for advertising our brand, these are but a few of the images on our page.

The final thing to showcase from this week is our Uniforms for the sales day, I believe that these they will serve us well with advertising our brand and presenting us as a unit, as a team.

This is where we got to in terms of physical work that we could showcase.

Before the end of the day we discussed the deliverables for next Thursday, those being

  • Finalised Templates for the different sizes (Done)
  • Financial Plan – Pricing per unit, potential profit, amount manufactured for sale. (Jess and Menna)
  • A look at the stand, the design, what will be on display. (My Job)
  • Continued talk about the business plan, start it. (We’ve been set parts)

All in all I believe that this week has been quite productive, I am however a little nervous about when we begin to produce these products, it currently needs some refining and we did agree to some changes at the end of the day. I have had the stitch induction so I know how to use the machines, what I do not know, is how to stitch leather to a good quality…this is where I feel some tensions may run high, I believe that as this project is only until the 9th of December our group members will need to make sacrifices and do things they are not happy about doing, Myself included, just to get things done.

The task I will need to do for next Thursday is to look at our stand and how we can display our products on the 8th. Epoch have also decided that we will begin to produce some more prototypes this Wednesday, all day. This will be a good day for us because we will be able to discuss what works and what doesn’t whilst all being present in the process of manufacture. The other thing that needs to be started is the business plan, although a lot of it can be finalised near the end of this project we have delegated each member with sections of the plan that needs to be filled in, what I have been given is Your Market and The Competition, the group felt that since I had already done the market research this would be best suited to me.

Next week should see Epoch having the finalised design that has been refined countless times. Well will see.