Mind Your Own Business – Trials and Tribulations

The road to success is not straight. Its bumpy, its hard, its complicated but ITS WORTH IT‘ – Lets hope so.

This week certainly has had its fair share of challenges.

Where do I even begin?

I believe the main difficulty the group were having on the Tuesday was the final idea, we were going from one idea to the next, we just couldn’t settle on what we wanted to do. Richard kept questioning us on the purpose of the idea and I really appreciate that now because of how far we have come from then to now, now being the end of Thursday.

On Tuesday we were introduced to a new member of the group, Ayush, previously from Group 7 but after that group began disbanding he joined us. Ayush is a fellow Product Designer so I am very much looking forward to developing our brand with him as a part of the group. Tuesday also saw us delivering our Elevator Pitch, 20 seconds for our group to essentially convince Richard of our Idea….it seems funny now seeing as we have changed our idea from the one we pitched. Amazing.

It was difficult to communicate our ideas on Tuesday as their was a member absent, we did however discuss the idea that Richard put forward about a phone case that also had the space for keeping your cards…the problem with that is the phone then potentially kills the cards rendering them useless from that point on wards, Yeah.

Our plan going into Thursday was for everyone to come in during the morning, us to then FINALLY decide on the idea we wanted to go forward with and then crack on with it straight away….this kind of happened, in a way.

It took us to the last three hours of the day for us to finalise our idea. We got there in the end. So! Epoch’s Idea:

Leather phone sleeves that are made using materials that have already had a previous life. There is also a possibility for additional products for laptop and/or tablet sleeves …we will see.

Whilst writing this now (Friday) a prototype has been made to show what the product could look like, I believe that testing of the prototype will be done to see what the strength of the material is like and the longevity of the stitch.

It will be interesting to see if the design gets tweaked at all by next Thursday when we meet with the other groups and Richard. I set out to make a weekly planner for deliverables that will hopefully help us with getting our business up and running on time.

Below is the planner, things are bound to change:


During this Friday I travelled to Re-Create, a centre that trades in recycled materials with another group who needed to visit to search for some things too, whilst there I picked up a bag full of different rolls of leather, different colours and different ages. When Epoch next meet we will look over the materials and see if any are good enough quality for making our products with.

(Just a sample of the leather I bought)

Although the beginning of the week was a little bumpy I believe we are now settled as a group on this idea and we should now stick with it going forward.