Return of the Forgotten Design

Guys…it has happened!

I have decided to change my design four weeks into the project. I know it seems like a bad decision but I have my reasons. Okay so the main reason for changing is due to me just getting bored of the design, I tried to change the table to what was suggested by Richard but I just wasn’t happy with the outcomes. I thought about what was said by Dr. Steve Thompson when he saw a group of us working on the concept designs, he asked us why we were going for such detailed and complex mechanisms when we could have something so simple, a multi-surface product. This really stuck with me and I actually designed a table like this but I didnt go into the scale model stage.

I have not consulted Richard on this decision of mine because I thought it’d be a good chance for me to do some independent thinking for this project and I do believe that with the design being so simple now, it will allow me to change some minor things in the future without needing a complete redesign of the table.

Below are some different angles of the new table design, without annotations it may be unclear as to the height adjustment but hopefully you get it:

The idea is that the table can be used for individual use when stood up vertically and then when the table is turned horizontally it becomes a work space for collaborating with other people with the help of a glass whiteboard.

I made a 1:5 scale laptop to give some context to my table design….pretty cool right!

…yeah I had five minutes free…

Seeing as I am writing this post prior to the 1st of November I am yet to know what Richards opinion is of this design, I hope he gives some constructive criticism without completely hating the idea so I am able to refine it and improve. I believe that the height of the table whilst vertical will come under question as I have designed it at 800mm tall, this could be a little too tall but there is definitely room for change and configuration.

I will probably put what other deliverables for the 1st of November are below so this post will be updated in a few days.

A few days have passed and it is now the 31st of October, I have completed the task ready for tomorrows presentation. I shall begin with the orthographic projection page:

Orthographic Projections - First Look - Print Out.png
A showcase of my new chosen design looking pretty

I am quite happy with how this turned out but I am also questioning the initial dimensions that I set for this design. I have had a few fellow students asking about how short the table would be on its side (as shown on the above rendering), I will wait and see what the verdict is from Richard following the presentation.

The next deliverable for the 1st was a story board of the scale model being made in the soft model workshop.

Scale Model Story Board.png
Relatively easy to understand, Right?

I am actually pretty happy with the outcome of this story board, I tried my best to make it as easy to understand as possible with basic illustrations for the user to follow. I believe that if this sheet was given to a person to follow they would have little to no difficultly fulfilling the task. I do however think it could become confusing as I have put the 1:1 scale next to the 1:5 scale measurements, I guess it isn’t that bad.

I also finished the day with two situation images, my thinking for this is I can easily show the height difference of the two table sizes with the figure drawing to show perspective.

In - Situation.png

This is the right size that I want to go for when designing this table but I am not 100% sure that I have accurately scaled these two figure drawings. I may end up changing the dimensions following the presentation and I could possibly add another surface for working on, this could be interesting.

More information will follow in another post.