Manufacturing Processes – Metal Casting – Is it really worth it?

Oh look! another Manufacturing Process.

This week we took a look at metal casting and the different possibilities it has when making things, this process was more exciting for me to learn as I have always been interested in casting something and with sand casting it is more than possible to do so even in my back garden!

Around this time we were also being told about how we should be starting to think about the materials we want to use for the BBC Project and I really think sand casted Aluminium would be included in my final design, the texture that is left on the metal when hardened could play a role in the design that I put forward in early December.

On to the task!

This week, you guessed it, we were tasked with using CAD to make a product that uses this manufacturing process as the main process, this week Paul asked us to design a counterbalanced lamp for the 1st of November.

Now seeing as field was coming up and I had already finished the task for injection moulding I thought I would give this a go to lighten the work load for myself over the two weeks, I ended up coming up with a design that is, shall we say, simple. I didnt want to make a complex design because I knew it would take longer, easy decision, probably not the best idea but I am still pleased with the outcome of the lamp.

Below shows the lamp assembled and exploded so you can see the components:

How does it work?….

Well….I guess I didnt really think of that whilst designing it but there are easy ways of getting around these kinds of thing. Ahh! There would be a power cable running on the outside of the lamp, it would attach straight from the lamp head and wrap around the arm.

I should really start thinking about how these CAD models would actually get their power. This will be addressed in future tasks.

A waste of time?

The presentation for this task really took me back, it lasted around ten seconds…really?

I feel like after spending so much time on this task, stressing out about finishing in time and making it fit the specification set and to get a ten second response which essentially was a ‘well done’… kinda makes me wonder if these tasks are actually worth doing if we are not going to have any real conversation on improving or discussing possible design changes.