An Interesting Development: Scale Models.

Following on from the concept sketching we began the exercise of making the two of our chosen designs as 1:5 scale models. Before starting this part of the project I thought that this would be relatively straight forward as I had already written the dimensions of both the tables previously and all I had to do was make them to scale.

Prior to making these models we were told about making it (them) straight forward so that someone could easily take a look at a few drawings/images of the 1;5 scale model and go into the workshop to then recreate it with relative ease.

The first model I made took me around 15 minutes to make and unfortunately I forgot to record the process of making, I know, it was a schoolboy error. I believe that there was no real need in making an accurate scale model yet anyhow so perhaps that does not matter so much…oh and whilst making the second model I also forgot to record to making process too.

Good Stuff.

Below are a few images of the models in different positions so you can get a look at the initial shape of the table. Bear in mind that these models are/were not functioning models, the inclusion of functionality with a scale model is part of the next task…

As we were about to begin our field project Richard gave us the task of making another accurate scale model but of the one table that was favoured from the two above, we were also asked to sketch or use CAD to show orthographic projections and step-by-step ‘instructions’ on how that accurate model would be replicated. These two tasks have been asked to be completed by the 1st of November.

Plenty of time…..right?