Cognitive Futures – 200 Words:/

Within Product Design, what part(s) of the body are involved in designing and/or manufacturing? apart from the mind and hands, of course.

Lets begin with concept designing, whilst using your mind to create the first shapes of the product you may take some time to walk and get a coffee or some fresh air, using both your mind and your feet in collaboration, hopefully you think of a clever design that you could further expand on. Walking is a good method for thinking about concepts and ideas that you contemplate using, I usually walk to think about different material combinations that would or wouldn’t work for a specific design. If you are a little further along in the process you may have some time to reflect on what you have so may begin playing with parts of your face, most likely your hair and/or facial hair, this usually allows for open thinking about the design you have, a relaxed way to fidget whilst thinking about what will stay and what will have to be changed. If designing a chair you will be expected to conduct some ergonomic research, this will definitely involve yourself and a colleague measuring the dimensions of the body, testing preexisting furniture to see what is good and bad about the designs researched. For this process your whole body would be used.

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