Manufacturing Processes -Sheet Metal Fabrication

This week we were given a lecture on the manufacturing processes of ‘Sheet Metal Fabrication’. Within this lecture we learnt about all of the different ways in which you could produce different parts of a design through sheet fabrication. I found this very interesting as we were being told that for the BBC Project we would need to think about the process in which the parts of our product would need to be manufactured. I believe that this process of manufacturing could be used for some parts of the table.

The presentation we received is below:


At the end of this lecture we were given another task to complete, we were asked to design a stylish case for a number of internal components using pressed sheet metal fabrication and/or extrusion techniques only.

Following last weeks struggle to think of a design for the CAD model I had the thought that I may also struggle with this task. After researching into existing cases for electronics I thought about the simplest form of production for this product, the two I case across were deep drawing and press forming.

The case I designed is extremely simple, my thought being that if this case had an easy open/shut lid, you would be able to customise the insides and/or change out components if or when they break.

Below are the two pages that were shown to the group on the Thursday morning:

I believe that I am slowly gaining more confidence whilst using CAD software, I am however, jumping from different packages and I think I should stop doing so and focus on one piece of software to work on. Solid Edge is what I used for the last two tasks but their is a limitation on the rendering textures, I think I may switch back to SolidWorks for the next task which has already been set.