Ergonomics Part I and II

Part I

Following the Orangebox visit Richard spoke to us about Ergonomics and how important it is that when designing furniture we look at the ergonomics.

I would show you the presentation we were shown but as of yet it isn’t available to us.

We were tasked with pairing up to find different seating and storage furniture to then sketch the side view of each person sitting and interacting with the furniture we could gain an understanding of how differently sized individuals do the same action yet their bodies move in a different way.

The original way I did this task was by joining the dots on the skeleton so I had a basic idea of how the joints were looking when each task was being done. The images below show my first attempt at mapping out the ergonomics but I was not convinced by these efforts.

I realised that without the information of height of both the two individuals and the prop we were using it would be quite uninformative so I took inspiration from Todd, whom I was paired up with and created a new A3 sheet which showed these range of situations but more informed with measurements.

Below is the re-imagined ergonomics result page.

Ergonomics - CL & DT.png

This was a fun task to do, I found it very helpful for the Orangebox project mainly as it is the brief I will be continuing from now on.

Part II

For the second part of Ergonomics we were given the task of producing template sketches for the beginning of the concept designs for making ‘dirty’ models on Tuesday the 11th.

We were asked to make a mock-up of a table and photograph someone interacting with the table in a number of positions so we could then sketch over the photographs and insert our concept designs. Below are the 15 image templates:

I found this relatively straightforward and easy to complete, using the graphics tablet it was a lot easier than doing it by pencil, I will be using the tablet to draw the concepts for Tuesdays activity as I am unsure whether they need to be done on the day or not.

I hope these templates will come in handy when designing the concepts for Tuesdays activity. I will be posting the results in a future post.