Manufacturing Processes – Extrusion

This week we were given a lecture on the manufacturing process known as ‘Extrusion’. This lecture was given by Paul Wilgeroth who explained to us that this year we will be taught all about the manufacturing processes of materials which will help us become a more rounded designer in the future.

When I heard this I thought about what a difficult time I will be having through the year, I thought that since I chose BA I would not be looking into the small details of designing a product but I guess I was wrong. I am looking forward to learning but I also have a fear that this year will not be very enjoyable for me. 

I believe that I have already learnt so much more about manufacturing processes than I ever did studying at A-Level, it wasn’t that I never listened when being taught about these processes it is that I did not have many opportunities from the teachers to understand them more.

The presentation we received is below:


This year is essentially all about us learning the processes of manufacture and the CAD to back it up. We were given the task of designing an A5 picture frame that uses extrusion as the main manufacturing process. I found this project far too difficult for my liking, after having CAD tutorials in the first year I guess it was expected of us to be quite familiar with the software but I was having a deal of difficulty designing this frame.

I need to start watching more tutorials and interacting with the software!

So much to do with far few hours in the day! Arrghh!

It left me with a day before the deadline to come up with a simple three component picture frame, that is an embarrassing truth. The landscape frame I came up with has an extruded brass base and rubber hinge at the back. The third component is a piece of 30mm glass that has a slit in the  for the picture to slide into.


Below will be the images of what was presented.

It was suggested that when presenting a rendered image with small details I should zoom into those parts so they are easily seen by a group without difficultly.