A Visit to Orangebox

As part of the BBC Project Level 5 were able to visit the factory where Orangebox manufacture and assemble some of their products. This visit was very informative for me because I was able to see the interior of a workplace and the ideas that Orangebox had for the new BBC Studio in Cardiff.

Level 5 Awaiting the tour.

This tour was very beneficial for me because we got to see how some of their chairs were assembled, this gave ideas of how the table we have been asked to design could be assembled and then at a later date, disassembled.

Below are some images I took around the tour, Ideas and inspiration for the possible design for the table.

Overall I am very grateful to have gone to Orangebox to see how they assemble their products, I have learnt so much about how they recycle their scraps and their products after their first life, how they only use the leather from an animal that has had a full healthy life, using the leather mostly discarded for the parts of their products not seen by the consumer.

I also learnt about how they price their products, this will give me an idea of the materials I can use and where they come from and how they are manufactured. With the Orangebox brief it is essential that I look at all the factors of designing this table.