Where to begin…

To start of this first week back Level 5 were thrown into the deep end, we were giving our brief for the first terms subject project. The project is a live competition meaning we are not only competing against each other but other university students also, sounds fun right.

We will be working with the BBC, Orangebox and Bisley. Essentially we have been asked to design something for either Orangebox or Bisley (or both) and the winner will have their design prototyped and it could make its way into the new BBC studios in Cardiff.

Pretty cool, right!

So…there are two briefs…as shown below:

  1. Orangebox – A height adjustable pull-up work table for soft seating environments.
  2. Bisley – A Multi functional storage unit to fit and adapt within the Bisley range.

After initially hearing the brief I was already thinking of what I could do for the Orangebox brief.

The task given to us on Thursday was to ‘Carry out research into both the Orangebox and Bisley briefs, in order to make an informed decision into which brief you will concentrate on.

The deliverables for this task were: Produce two A3 Market Research documents ready for review on Tuesday 4th Oct, one document for Orangebox, and one for Bisley.

I found this difficult because I didn’t know where to start. After some time of reading over the presentation from Thursday I had an idea of what needed to be in the market research documents. I think I found this difficult because I already had my eyes on the Orangebox brief and talking about products I have no wish of designing from was just a little too tedious for me. Hopefully I can overcome this in the future and keep and open mind to the projects I will be a part of. Overall I think this project is going to go extremely slowly for me, I do not and have not expressed my desire to design furniture and I dont think it will do well for me as I am not too keen on the idea of designing a table or multi-functional storage unit but I guess I will have to get on with it and see how it goes….wish me luck! I guess…

Below are the two documents I will be presenting on Tuesday 4th October.