The End of the Year…So Soon?

Where has the time gone!?

…I remember my first day in university as if it were yesterday!

I would probably review the full first year in a blog post but I feel like I have blogged a little excessively over the past few months…this will most likely be my last of the academic year.

So…to more thrilling events! on the 27th both the first and second years were gathered in the exhibition space where the third years had been showcasing their works…Logically most of the students arrived early to scope out the best areas available, I had jumped from one space to another, undecided as to where I wanted to be located…but finally I settled on a location that I felt worked for the things that would be presented.

Below are some images of the space prior to me adding my work:

The problem I found with this space is that fact that I have another student positioned right next to me, I thought that this would be a problem for me but after measuring the whole wall and then painting a line equally down the middle so there was no confusion as to who’s work was who’s.

After some time of painting the walls for a blank canvas I began to add my work to the walls, This began by laying out where the posters and shelves were going to go.

Below are some images of the space in progression:

As of Today (the 1st of June) my projects are both ready to be presented and assessed, I finally finished the set up of my space. Huzza!

Below shows the finished space ready for Thursdays presentation:

This Friday we will have the opportunity to show our years work to friends and family, most of my peers will be bringing them along, I however will not. I have decided that I will only be showing my friends or family my final years work, This will allow me to improve and impress them more than what this years work will do.

I am proud of what I have made but I feel like my work will only become stronger in the second year and then more so in the third.