Week Seven – Finishing Touches

I have found that this week has consisted of me finishing the small pieces of my subject project, a few slides here and some coats of paint there.

This week began like any other, a presentation to show our progress, we showcased our final models which allowed for Theo to give advise on any improvements we could make for the exhibition. I received mostly positive feedback, When I asked about putting the logo of my product on the bottles he talked about engraving then vacuum forming over the moulds but as I have already stuck the moulds together there isn’t much time to do that.

I believe the logo fits over both pieces so it would have failed anyhow, but never the less, positive ideas and creativity!

After the presentation was over and we walked through the degree show to have a look at the students work and the level we must achieve I went to do the laser cutting that I had booked. I had originally booked it solely for the field project but after Theo’s comments I decided to engrave my products logo onto some clear acrylic to show how it could possibly look if it had been engraved, this will be presented at my exhibit.

Below shows the engraved logo:

I also spent this week working on my poster that will be presented along with my work as a fictional advertising piece, I hope to present my work as a product which is viable for now and not just the future. I am quite happy with the poster even though it does not show the process of transition or the bottle that has been produced, I believe this will still be fine as I have seen multiple examples of large brands choosing to not include the product whilst still achieving the same impact as if that had done.

Below is the poster that will be presented:

JPEG - Wreckless - A3 Poster - JPEG

The rest of this week will see the painting of the models get finished and then setting up of my ‘booth’ so to speak, as of writing this blog it is Wednesday and I have the posters to print and the models to paint. I am confident that the work will get done.

Below is the presentation file I will be using to show my projects context and ideation:

Exhibition Presentation_Callum_Lewis_Lvl4

A blog post on the booth set up will be made to show the start and finish of how I present my Field and Subject projects next week.