Week Seven – The Final Frontier

This week has seen this Field project come to an end…

I am all ready to set up the field section of my exhibit, This week saw me putting the final touches on my money clip and the poster that will be going along with it. I believe that the finish on the money clip is really good. After engraving the money clip I used some linseed oil to enhance the colour of the wood and to let the grain stand out a little more.

Below shows the engraved sides of the money clip:

The finish on the money clip is really nice, in my opinion. The other piece of the exhibition is going to be the poster that will accompany the final piece and the prototypes, As the field project will be marked on the way is it presented and told through the imagery I believe that the poster I have created does so quite well.

I must say the only down side to this project is the fact that I didn’t have time to document the production process of this money clip to use on the Instructables website, I am fully aware that this is a big part of the project but I have decided to include the link to my second terms instructions as an example of what the concept is. I hope this detail will not make my entire project suffer too badly as in the second term, Gareth and Theo didn’t really ask any questions or look into the instructional side of the idea. Fingers crossed.

Below shows the poster:

JPEG - The Money Clip - A3 Poster - JPEG