I See The Light!

This week has been quite relaxing when it comes to the field project, I couldn’t say the same for my subject but that is for the other blog post.

I began this projects work but choosing one of the prototypes that I liked the most so I could then make it again for the laser engraving. I wasn’t told that the laser engraving was a bad idea so I will be keeping that detail with the money clip along with the choice of material (I know the previous terms model broke but that was from stupidity on my behalf).

Below are some images of the final money clip prior to engraving, I will be doing that on the 23rd:

I spent most of the time sanding the money clip to the desired width, it was obvious that the second terms money clip was far too thick so it was my goal to half the width to which I did so successfully.

I believe that I have complied with most of what the feedback told me to improve upon, The only real stinger is the additional room for coins, I believe that if notes do become outdated in the future, coins will go a long time before that happens.


As of Friday afternoon the computers in the workshop had some sort of virus which corrupted the memory sticks of the students using the computers! This means that no USB device is allowed to be used for the laser cutter, I will need to email my JPEG’s before use on Monday afternoon.

I also have a tour of the exhibition room at 2:15pm which means I will be cutting my time close to laser engrave my money clip. I do however have the slot booked till 5pm so fingers crossed I make it on time to use and move one step closer to completing my Field project of the first year.