SUCCESS!…and Failure

I have thoroughly enjoyed this week with the productivity levels and the success which has ensued. I begin the week with a presentation on what my exhibition will look like and the equipment that I will need, once that was out of the way I spent the majority of the time in the workshop working on my model.

The trouble that I encountered was with the vacuum forming process, the mould worked perfectly apart from getting stuck with the plastic keeping it sealed. A lot of hitting proceeded as Maff attempted to get the mould released from its doomed fate, this resulted in my mould breaking the both times I used the machine (The first vacuum formed piece did not align as I cut the body from the plastic 1mm too much, Very disappointing). Below are some images of the process I went through to make my bottle:

I am both pleased yet undecided about how this result makes me truly feel, on the one hand I am happy that I finally made a model correctly and that the effort I have put in was worth it yet I feel like the uneven look and the effect the results on the CNC machine and the body filler I used to attach the extending 10mm isn’t a positive addition. I am aware that this is bound to happen when using the vacuum former but that was my only option. Below shows the effect that I am talking about:

Maybe its the perfectionist in me? I Don’t Know.

The Failure of the week has been turned into a partial success, I plan on using the failed model as a an example of the colour changing process that my bottles would make when in contact with a users hand. Below shows the obvious failure and the process of sanding where I will be spray painting the bottle different colours to hopefully get the effect I desire (I will most likely fail miserably but whats the harm in trying!?)

An addition to this weeks work I have ordered for this bottle to be 3D Printed by an outsourced company, this has already been processed and I plan on picking it up this weekend or early next week depending on how long it takes to print. I have booked one of the 3D Printers in the workshop but it has been on the blink all week so it is a high probability of it being broken the two days that have been set aside for me, It is a disappointment of course but with only 3 printers available, it is what I expect from the 24hr usage.

Next week will see me testing the dispensers for the bottle and then I begin painting the bottles for the exhibit. All this depends on how much effort I put in to complete these tasks for the deadline next Friday.


The 3D Print in the workshop was a success! the printer successfully made my model without any issues. I documented the process and compiled them into a GIF…a huge part of the process is missing due to it being completed overnight but its still cool!

3d Print Process