Week Five – Finally Progressing

This week has been a real turning point in both of my projects. I spent the Monday presenting my chosen design and listening to my peers’ project developments and the rest of the week was spent getting my prototypes and final model made and ready for vacuum forming.

The Tuesday was spent working on SolidWorks, I was making the models for the prototypes that would be produced using the CNC Machine. As I already had the file for my final design for about a week, I was just trying to schedule a time that Joe would be able to set up the machines for me, I had a chat with him and he was able to fit me in at 9am on the Wednesday.

After the CNC Machine was done cutting my bottle out I began the process that I had planned for making the bottle ready for vacuum forming, the process was as follows:

  1. Cut around the bottle sides
  2. Cut off the excess 10mm of model board
  3. Stick the two parts together using tape and begin sanding the edges to complete the mould.
  4. Reattach the 10mm model board after cutting it to the new shape.
  5. Attach an extra 15mm cylinder for the bottle dispenser.
  6. Vacuum Form the two sides twice so two models are made.

Although the list was long I did manage to reach stage 4 by the end of the week, this gives me a week now to completely finish my models, I have the utmost confidence that my models will be made by the end of that week.

I was not able to get the prototypes made this week but I hope to on the Monday.

Below are the images of my final model at different stages of production:

I am really pleased with the outcome of the mould, I have had some very positive feedback from other students which makes me believe I have come up with a really cool design.

I hope to carry on the progress of both projects next week with the same amount of effort, I believe that I have finished bottles by Wednesday or Thursday with some time to then paint and add little details like the logo of my product.