Week Five – Missing Weeks

I have spent the past couple of weeks working solely on my subject project, I had scheduled this week to begin prototyping and then production on the Friday.

After term twos field presentation I have been reviewing what Gareth and Theo had said about my project and how I could improve upon my idea, some quotes from my feedback:

“The solution is in need of further design detail development to address practical issues such as how they work with only a few notes and how does it cope with coins.

You also need to address the Future-Proof-ness of your design idea – will cash be used in future generations?

Can it still be used with other payment methods for alternative uses?

How durable is the material you have chosen?  – You need to explore and exploit the mechanical properties of materials to make a much more functional clip that holds notes and also addresses the storage of coins.”

I have been playing around with different designs and I believe I have stumbled on a design that I will now produce using the different variations of wood I used in the first term, this includes Redwood, Walnut and perhaps Oak.

Below are some images of the prototypes I have been making through the week:

 I have found that the thinner you make the money clip, the higher the chance of snapping gets. I will spend next week working on the final designs, I will also be engraving the designs so time will be spent on that also. I plan on exhibiting all of my prototypes to show the variation of designs.