Week Four – Identifying Obstacles

This week has been surprisingly short, I have been working on my project but enthusiasm and self motivation has been lacking for the most part and with Monday being a bank holiday it did not help me with getting up and working.

Something that has been bothering me a lot is the time that I have left and the two weeks that I have to wait to manufacture my final models, I will have around 3 days to fully complete the two models that I plan on making, this does not excite me in the slightest. At the time of writing this I have yet to begin soft model making but I hope to complete at least one model by the end of the week to hopefully show in the exhibition.

I have the two bottle models ready to manufacture, the one bottle having 100ml capacity and the second 250ml. I thought this would be an interesting thing to add for variety whilst exhibiting my project. I have also rendered the models to showcase in the exhibition presentation and for next Mondays presentation where I show my final model design, this is also why a model is going to be helpful, it will allow for people to see the deformity and how it is difficult to handle, This is a conscious decision I made which ties into the premise of my project and the embodiment of the problem this product will help to tackle through visual means.

Below are the two models, the images are what I plan on presenting: 



I have yet to continue with the presentation and the information I will be including, I hope to do this the most of next week along side the field project as I have yet to begin production.