Week Three – Further Development

This week has seen very little work get done, perhaps this is because I have most of the basics complete already. The Monday saw our group presenting the sketches and the design research we did in front of Theo, prior to the presentation I did not have a clear design that I wanted to go with but afterwards I had thought that I had.

The initial chosen design (Below):

intial design

Theo seemed drawn to this design, Although many where drawn in two dimension, he spoke of how the bottle looked broken or destroyed some what by the world that we now live. Even though I designed this bottle I did not have the intention of putting this meaning to the bottle, this was where I had gone wrong, Instead of designing the bottle with the purpose of showing the physical representation of what the thermochromic body paint is trying to show I just drew some shapes without having reason.

After the presentation with Theo I went off to think about my design and how I could design my bottle with meaning and purpose, this is where I began designing on SolidWorks, before drawing the initial bottle designs I had to keep in mind the production method and the CNC machines capabilities and restrictions. I came up with two CAD models in the final few days of this week, the one model is a fully rendered version of the 2D drawing above and the second is another unique design that I struck a cord with.

The Two SolidWorks Models (Below):

*Images are unavailable due to corrupted files. Sorry*


I am very intrigued by the bottle that looks deformed, I believe that it embodies the sensibility of my concept and the dangers that the pollution can cause. The initial model to me is not what I was hoping for in the third dimension, I was hoping for the bottle to look very similar to my drawing and perhaps my software capabilities are too limited at this present time to achieve the outcome I had liked but I have found a really good design in my eyes with the deformed bottle.

So! … Where do I go from here?

I have now got the essential design for my bottles, I have decided it would be a pretty neat idea to produce three, one which is sized to be a pocket edition, the second to be a normal sized bottle and the third which will be aimed towards groups of people who want to instigate change together as one.

After talking with one of the technicians I was told that I would need to wait for a good two weeks before I can begin manufacturing the bottles, This really set me back in my progress but I believe that in this time I will be able to produce some soft models for the exhibition to show the development that my design has gone through and once I am happy with the feel of the bottle I will be updating the dimensions of the bottle to those of the soft model in time to CNC and then vacuum form.

I will also be working on the presentation for the following two weeks where I plan on including all of the relevant information that will be needed to explain my concept. I hope to have most of the presentation filled in by the time my models are completed but I am also aware that I need to design the advertising poster for both this project and the field project.

I have yet to think of a name for my product but as suggested by a fellow designer I will be thinking for names that are harsh in tone and do not make light of the things that pollution does to the earth. Hopefully I will think of a name before I begin to panic, we will inevitably see what happens in future posts.