Week Two – Juggling Two Projects

I have found myself in an uncomfortable position, I have the task of juggling two projects and an essay in the third term. Throughout the first two terms I have found that scheduling has helped me overcome some stress whilst also allowing me to think clearly through the amount of work that has to be completed at certain times.

Monday saw our group being presented with the new Field brief which will see us looking at our project again and improving upon it for the exhibition, the important thing to note is that I will not be talking about the field project during the exhibition so I have tasked myself to produce an advertising poster for my money clip so my product is easy to understand, I am hoping the poster communicates all of the information I would have talked about.

We also had the opportunity to showcase our briefs for the third term project with feedback from Theo. Once all of the group had their 200 word briefs shown with feedback from Theo, we were back in the studio working towards the next deadline which is on the 25th of April. This weeks deliverables were to produce up to three presentation slides of design research and ideation, I found this to be quite a simple task at first but as one of my exhibition deliverables is to produce a bottle I found designing a bottle to be quite difficult as there isn’t much innovation to be made whilst trying to keep a simplistic style.

I have found that producing the bottle for the exhibition will be quite a task as there is no where I can blow mould so I have decided to produce a scale soft model, split it in two and vacuum form the two sides of the bottle, I believe that this is the best alternative to reproduce the bottle.

Monday will see us presenting out design research and design ideas, I am sure that Gareth will talk about how I could design the bottle where it showcases the idea through the shape. The next couple two weeks will see me working on both my subject project and my field project, We will have to see how the outcome of both projects through future posts.

Below is the slide that I plan to present which features the initial designs for the bottle:

Bottle Designs - 18 Designs.