Week One – Introducing the Brief

The Easter break was a wonderful opportunity for me to catch up and develop the basis of my essay and I spent the time wisely, I now begin the third term project which I think will be a great learning curve on how my work will need to be conceived, produced and presented for the future.

During the second term I had spent some time trying to decide on which project I would develop further in the third term but I couldn’t quite decide. I had some ideas for The Swan, Mobile 205021st Century Aesthetics and Critical Design Fictions but I wasn’t too sure which project would be the most interesting.

This week began with us being given the brief for the final term, The brief was as follows:

Reflect on your Term 1 learning experiences. For this project you may chose to either:

i). take one of the Term 1 one-week projects that you have already ‘finished’ and develop the project further over 7-weeks.

ii). take one of the Term 1 one-week projects and tackle it again from scratch – but as a 7-week project this time.

iii). take some ‘finding’ or ‘research interest’ from your Term 1 experiences and write a brief for yourself that will explore it through a product design project (this option must be negotiated with staff)

After getting familiar with the deliverables for the third term we were able to go off and begin thinking about the project that we wanted to develop, as well as finalising an idea we were asked to write a 200 word description of what brief we will be using, our aims for the project and the deliverables that we would like to achieve for out exhibition at the end of the 7-8 weeks.

I crossed between two projects, Mobile 2050 and Critical Design Fictions, I tried to figure out the pro’s and con’s of each project and with some inspiration I decided to go for the Critical Design project. I was hesitant about going forward with this project and developing from the first term without speaking with Theo, I told him my concept and he seemed to really like it and he gave me some points that I could be aiming for each week.

I researched into the ink that Lauren Bowker developed for my first terms project, I am sure that I would be able to use this technology and implement it into my products.

Bowker said. “Not only will it absorb air pollution, it will change colour to UV, heat, air friction, moisture and more. This gives it the capability to go through the full RGB scale.”

Source – http://www.dezeen.com/2013/12/12/clothes-that-change-colour-according-to-climate-by-lauren-bowker/

Below shows PdCl2 dyed feathers.


I have two ideas, both which include the Thermochromic technology:

  • Skin ointment that can both/either:
  • Act as a protector of the skin as it changes colour when the skin is beginning to burn.
  • Colour changing Sun cream, depending on the pollution levels in the air.

The deliverables for this project are as follows:

  • Design the container for the sun cream
  • Research into the chemicals and how it could be done
  • Look into the social conversations that’d be had
  • Design the packaging for the product
  • Make a 30 second advert
  • Create an advertising poster.

As I go through week by week I will gain more information about my concepts technology and I may come to find a similar technology that would work better than this but at this moment I am just at the conceptualising stage of the project, I look forward the presenting my idea to Theo and Gareth as their criticism will help shape my concept for the better.