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Bricolage and Contemporary Japanese Subcultural Scenes.

I found that I understood this final lecture more than the several prior to today, we looked at ‘Bricolage’ and understanding the history of different styles and how cultures have adopted some cultures that do not belong to them.

Notes I made, These will allow me to advance some of my Product Design workings:

*How the past is reconfigured in the present*

*Consider the meanings that come from fusion*

The task for today:


  1. The Characteristics of the style and the influences.
  2. The Relationship between this ‘scene’ and its social/cultural context.

Below are images of the text the group analysed:

After spending some time analysing and writing the bulletpoints from the two texts Cath spoke about how the Harajuku girls and Youths taking inspiration from the subcultures of the west, you can see the bigger cities looking like western locations and the further to expand the less influence there is.

Below are two images showing the Japanese Punk and the Harajuku Girls style:

I have learnt a lot today about how its possible to mix and match different aspects of design to create an entirely unique identity, I really like the idea of mixing history with the present and creating something that may not have existed prior to this one ‘thing’.

*The History of Things*

As I will be starting my essay during the Easter break Cath gave us some great advise for writing our Constellation Blog Evaluation:

  • Consider what this study group has illustrated about visual/material culture and context of meaning
  • How can we address these findings in our approaches to our own practise?

*(These reflections should be included in the Constellation section of your blog)*