Week Eight – The Presentation

Over the past three weeks I have been working on my individual project so I could present my idea to both Theo and Gareth, I have been looking forward to this as I believe that my project is quite solid with the research that I have done and the feedback that I have had from different sources.

I am pleased with the amount of work that I have done and I am happy that I have taken ideas from previous projects and implemented them into something quite unique. The outcome of the money clip was unexpected as I have not spent that much time working with wood on such a small scale before, I am very happy with the outcome especially after the laser engraving was complete apart from the glitch that we experienced (Maff and I) which caused the two models to be engraved with the oval that we used to position both the soundwave and fingerprint on Illustrator, mistakes happen and I am quite glad that they are only prototypes to showcase the materials.

To get the presentation to fit into 4 minutes was almost impossible for me, prior to knowing about the time I had presumed that we talked until we covered everything but obviously that would have be ludicrous. I managed to get down to 24 slides before presenting my individual project.

Below is the file of my presentation:

The Money Clip – Field Project – Widescreen File

Below is an image of my A3 Marker Rendering I presented:

A3 Marker Rendering


Following the Presentation

I believe that the presentation went as well as it could have, some positives and a few negatives. To start I guess you could say that my presentation skills have improved as I was less nervous than before whilst speaking in front of people, I am confident that I spoke in a manner that was direct and assertive where my project came across in most areas so Theo and Gareth could understand my idea.

So the positives of my project, they seemed to like the idea of laser engraving fingerprints and other forms of personal ‘things’ onto the money clip, the idea of the individual making the product didn’t receive much negative feedback. In terms of feedback I could learn from Gareth recommended a design change as he felt the money clip was too thick which is a fair comment, He also spoke about the possibility of notes becoming obsolete and in turn making my product useless, I would have to defend myself with this comment as I believe notes will probably be around for another few hundred years as electronics can fail at any given moment.

Overall this second term has made me think about design in a whole new way, going into the field project I presumed it’d be a lot like the one week projects but the thought process has been completely different, I have started to think more about design and how it may be perceived in the future with the forever changing culture that we find ourselves in. I believe that these three weeks have allowed me to think more about how difficult it is for me to make a product that would still be used in 20 years, I wonder how I will be able to survive in an ever changing field that needs to cater to the entire world for almost everything.

I await further feedback of my project which I should be able to read in a few weeks.

I look forward to the next project I begin and I am excited to experience something new whilst holding onto the things I have learnt throughout this term, I hope to implement these ideas into my future work.