‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ – W_Seven

With one lecture to go before the Easter break I have begun to search for images that I would be able to use for my essay, as I already have the theme and the group who I will be focusing on all I need to find is the image that can kick start my research and essay structure over the break.

I believe that I have found the first image which I am quite confident at analysing and being able to then focus on the next and then the last image for the essay. I have a decent plan for my essay as I would like to focus on Queen the band, I would like to have an image of when they were first formed back in 1970, another during the 1980s and the last image around 1990-1991 around the passing of Freddie Mercury or better yet, I could use an image of Queen + Adam Lambert as he is now a collaborative lead – I have many different options and without starting my essay yet these options keep developing, I hope to settle on an idea and then fly through the work.

Below is the first image that I plan on analysing for my essay:

download (1)

I am aware that the second image will most likely pop up once the first image has been fully analysed with references so that everything ties in well, I have learnt that the theory side of analysing is the most important part so I will be asking Cath for some assistance before the break on recommended paths that I could go down for beginning the essay.

The deadline that I have set myself for this Easter break is as follows:

  • First Week: Finish initial ‘Main’ template + Analysis of first image.
  • Second Week: Find the academic research for my analysis (min. 8 sources).
  • Third Week: Check over and add to the ‘Main’..2nd +3rd image search.

I hope that I can stick to this as I really want to get ahead for this essay so I can ensure the pass that I desire. I am aware that the academic research will take some time reading over and ensuring it links with my work but I am sure that the week will allow me to get my foot in the door and hopefully I find more text that I can use for my essay.