Week Seven – Finalisation

This week saw me being very productive with the making and the engraving of my money clips. During the Monday I began production of the product whilst keeping a process log, I found the production of this money clip to be very easy as it only took around 30 minutes using the machinery and getting the finishing ready for the laser cutter.

Below are some images of the Walnut money clip prior to the laser engraving:

Below are some images of the Redwood money clip prior to the laser engraving:

I was really pleased with the outcome of the two models, I thought that the consistency was better than expected and due to my product being handmade the two will be unique no matter what. After completing these two models I spent some time working on my presentation, after hearing that it would only be around 4 minutes long I desperately need to condense my work down from 27 slides to around 15-20 if possible.

I spent the Tuesday working on the Instructables.com post that I wanted to make a reality to show what kind of system I was looking at, this post took around 2 hours to complete due to overcomplicating things on my behalf when I needed to make the steps very easy to follow for the individuals wanting to make my money clip.

The link to my money clip is below:


On the Wednesday I began to laser engrave my money clips, this process was very interesting and a learning experience for me as I had only used the laser cutter back in high school on 2D Design which is not the best software out there. For the engraving process we used Illustrator which was surprisingly easy to understand, I believe the set up process where we placed white card on the machine to line up the placement helped a lot with getting the result that I did.

Below are a variety of images showing both Walnut and Redwood Models after the engraving process:

Overall this week has been pretty great! I have completed the models, the presentation is on track and all that needs to be completed for Monday is the 3D Marker rendering with detailed views, I believe that I will have the most trouble with this due to my rendering skills not being that great but I will be giving it a good ol’ fashioned college try. I am aware that my models are made from wood but I do not want to fail miserably with the renderings so I will be presenting my work using grayscale and samples of wood next to the design for my presentation in front of Gareth, Theo and the four of my peers on Monday.