SolidWorks Tutorial – Money Clip

This week was not this the previous, the beginning of the tutorial saw Joe explain to the group that we had essentially learnt all we really need for both the first year and second years projects which was quite interesting to learn. I spoke with Joe prior to the tutorial too ask for advise on making my money clip using SolidWorks and this conversation came up during the tutorial, he decided to show the group how my money clip would be made, even after I had explained to him that my money clip had already been made and rendered in SolidWorks.

I did not take part in the activity of making the money clip for this weeks tutorial as I felt it was a waste of time since I already had the design completed ready for context situations. I believe that the remaining tutorial will be for students who need assistance with their rendering for the deliverables of this terms field project.

Below shows my money clip in a variation of wood finishes:

I believe that the product that I am producing is best suited to the material of wood, I think the grain on some woods could allow for the money clip to look very beautiful not just visually but also with the feel of the product.