‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ – W_Six

The Essay Process

I began this lecture already having the basis of my essay formed but no real image to start the discussion with, I have found this process difficult because I am unable to find ‘the perfect’ image of the band Queen. My essay will consist of me analysing Queens image, sound and opinions that they formed throughout the years, I hope to create a flowing piece that shows how one of the biggest groups evolved through the decades.

Children of the Revolution – Punk, Gender and Subcultural Ideology.

This lecture saw us analysing another bit of text, we were asked to summarise O’Brien’s claims about gender debates arising within the punk subculture of her youth, we were also asked to question how this perspective relates to the previous case studies within the module.

Below are the highlighted pages we used this lecture:

I am finding these lectures very helpful with both practising and introducing new material that has potential for my essay that I begin in the next few weeks. I believe that I may be able to include some of what I have already analysed in my essay but since I have yet to collect images to analyse I can not say for sure. I hope to find the first image before next weeks lecture as I would like to speak with Cath about the possible directions that I could go with each image and what research I may need to include in order for my essay to be a success and pass for me to go into Level 5.