Week Six – Continuation

This week has been spent finishing different aspects of my project, I spent last week working on the presentation for the most part and this is what I continued on the Monday. I have been using my A-Level projects layout as reference for this project as I feel it suits the way in which I will present in two weeks. This week was where I planned to begin soft model making and then in turn final model making, This was successful for the most part as I began the soft modelling on the Wednesday, I really enjoyed the making process for my money clip because I start out with no idea of the dimensions for the product but ended the day with both dimensions and a  final soft model concept.

Below shows my soft model in use:

(Do keep in mind the engraved surfacing to come on the final models)

I believe that this project can be quite simple in some ways, because I had thought of my concept a few weeks in advance I had a head start with not spending the first few days brainstorming ideas. I am quite pleased with the pace that I have gone throughout this project so far, although I still have a few things to complete till I can call my work complete. I believe that by the Monday of next week ill have the first of my three final models ready to present with the SolidWorks rendering and conceptualisation also complete for my presentation pages.