SolidWorks Tutorial – Hammer

For this weeks tutorial we took a look at some of the available tutorials that are easily accessible through the SolidWorks software, we decided to take a look at the hammer head. I really enjoyed this tutorial even though I found it difficult, the main aspects of the hammer head involved using the loft tool in order to create the initial shape and then further editing of the dimensions to critique the shape of the head.

The one tool introduced was ‘Flex’ which allowed me to morph the shape of the hammer head to what I desired, I really enjoyed using this and I hope to go back in the future with some designs. Although time consuming and rather difficult I would love to revisit this aspect of SolidWorks and I have already begun looking at the other tutorials that are available for me to improve my skills for when I begin using the software for my money clip next week or the week after.

Below is a selection of screenshots taken of my Hammer design:

I am really pleased with how the rendering of my products are improving, I take the time to plan what materials and what colour scheme will be used for each design. I am happy with the outcome of this product.