‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ – W_Five

These constellation sessions have been extremely interesting and important for me and my progression through the term. I have found what I have been learning very interesting and I am very happy with what comes next in a few weeks, This session had us looking at punks of the 1970s which included the Sex Pistols who were one of the biggest bands of that era.

Below are the two main images discussed:

We were given an entire article that we were told to analyse like we had in the previous lecture, this took quite a long time due to the sheer size of the article. I had learnt so much from just skimming over what was written, this article mentioned the history of the punk scene, the appearance attributes that go along with the individuals who are a part of the scene. I found this extremely informative and very interesting as I notices that most of what was said linked back to the other eras that we explored in the previous lectures.

Below are the highlighted pages that I worked off for analysing the two images:

As I said…a lot of pages to highlight. From this lecture I gathered more experience for when I begin my essay during the Easter holidays, I have developed my analysing skills and I am sure that ill have no problem with making the essay flow well with the correct referencing information and a good conclusion to match.

I also found out about the constellation blog summary that is required for the May deadline, the 800-1000 word blog post that I need to write in order to pass the first year of university. I am more than comfortable to the idea of writing this summary as I have previously surpassed 1000 words in an ordinary blog post which was no problem at all, I am very excited to talk about my experiences and how I have developed as a student of product design more through the constellation module.