Week Five – Working As An Individual

The following blog post shows the day to day activities of my first week within the individual project following the collaborative field project. I will talk about my activities and the processes I have gone through in order to complete this project.


This week marks the start of the individual project where the entire group works by themselves to create a product that would be handed down from generation to generation. I began the day already having a solid idea for the following few weeks but I wanted to confirm that the idea was good enough to go forward with.

Once I had spoken to Theo and had the all clear to go forward with my project I began to plan the foundation of my presentation with set slides which will be completed in the coming week or two, I am looking forward to going forward with this project as I believe I am making something that fits the brief.

The plan is to complete the written part of my presentation by Friday, I would like to focus mainly on the concept drawings over the weekend so I can begin the making experiments throughout the next two weeks. I believe that I will be able to stick to this plan as I am staying till 6pm each night to get the most done each day.

I will be updating each day with what activities were completed and what problems I have encountered.


The second day of the individual project did not go as I had hoped, I spent the morning finishing some pages of the presentation but I had completed most of them on the Monday. I spent some of the afternoon working on concept designs for my money clip, I used the inspiration board I created to draw ideas from such as material choice, shape, style etc. I finished this exercise with around eleven solid concepts that all have potential to be used as the final design.

Overall I believe that this day was wasted due to my lack of enthusiasm and patience, I struggled with ideas for the money clip and I believe that I could have progressed onto the model making already but due to my demise I am still lacking some initial design pages.

The Wednesday sees the opportunity to learn about laser cutting which plays a key role in my products purpose and message for this field project, I hope to discuss my idea with Maff Harris to get an idea of how the idea is going to formulate. I also hope to complete more pages for the presentation whilst keeping an open mind on the inspiration problem I seemed to face on this day.


I believe that this day was well spent for my projects development, I began the day with a colour mapping workshop with Maff Harris where we spoke about my idea and how I would go about producing it in the easiest way, we also discussed using the laser cutter to engrave both sound waves and fingerprints onto the surface of the money clips which is definitely possible with some great results as I was shown whilst looking at examples.

Following the workshop I continued the initial design pages, I am very happy with how this went as I got the two pages completed with a lot of time spare to think about developments. I decided before this week began that I would treat this three week project as if I was back in term one where the project duration was only one week, I am certain that this will increase my productivity whilst upholding the level in which I pride myself at working.

The remaining parts of my presentation to be completed are the developed designs that will introduce the final design for me to work upon through soft model experimentation. I am looking forward to documenting the experiments that I create as I believe the design will change once I get the opportunity of changing what the money clip would feel like in a persons hand whilst keeping the functionality a priority.


This day was not spent working on the individual project, I spent the morning attending a constellation lecture and the afternoon formulating a plan for the essay required as part of constellation.


Friday morning was spent in the SolidWorks tutorial which ended around 12 in the afternoon, the rest of the day was spent on the development of the two chosen designs, this meant creating variations of the two with changes in shape or function.

The following Monday will begin with soft modelling with development inevitable, Once I have created a few soft models and I am happy with the outcome where I possess the final design I shall begin the product manufacturing where I take a look at the easiest process of making the money clip with the smallest possibility of failure.