SolidWorks Tutorial – Threading

Today’s SolidWorks tutorial had us creating a bottle which included a thread for the lid that would in theory attach. The tutorial started off pretty simple, using the tools that we had learnt from the previous sessions, but as soon as we began to thread the bottle problems arose, I was having a lot of difficulty making the tread sweep around the bottle top and it seemed like a few others were having the same problem.

After attempting to fix the problem by myself I asked for assistance from Joe who was holding the tutorial and the process miraculously worked without a hitch, I am unaware of what I was doing wrong but the problem was fixed within seconds of Joe’s assistance.

Below are four images of the bottle at different angles which show the thread:

Bottle - Thread

I am aware of the way in which I learn and one session on threading will not be remembered so I plan on working with SolidWorks and getting familiar with the process for future projects that may involve threading. I am very pleased with what was learnt today, I am looking forward to the next tutorial where I am able to learn something new that’ll allow me to develop my skills.