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Fight The Power! Subcultures and the challenging of hegemonic values.

The Zoot Suit.

This was the title of today’s constellation lecture, We began by looking at the ‘Zoot Suit’ of the 1940s. After being told to go through the reading theory that we all had brought we spent a good ten to fifteen minutes working through the paper and highlighting any key points that we thought represented the ‘Zoot Suit’, below is the two pages that were highlighted:

Along with highlighting the reading we were told to write the points in our own words or in a way that we would easily understand, I believe that this was a great idea for my essay that I will be beginning through the Easter holidays which are fast approaching.


The following forty minutes was spent discussing the findings of the group, I have begun to really understand the purpose of these lectures, both the obvious subject but the essay learning that is also provided by Cath Davies. In between the ‘Zoot Suit’ and the other subject we began a conversation on referencing and how important it is for our level four essay which will be handed in come May. We discussed the correct way to reference using Harvards system, we were able to ask questions which personally helped me understand what is needed to successfully write an essay.

I have realised from the first term that when writing an essay you must treat it as an information piece, you must write the essay as if the reader knew nothing of design and nothing of history, this has brought a lot of pressure on as I am currently unable to fathom how I will write an essay that will cater to this type of reader. I am sure hoping that as these constellation lectures go on I will grasp an understanding and a way for me to succeed in writing the correct essay.

The Ted Suit

As the lecture was coming to a close we were asked to analyse the second piece of text and highlight important pieces just like the last, I had not heard of the ‘Ted Suit’ before and I had no idea of the history behind the style. The highlighted piece of text is below:

I had learnt about how some companies over the years have lost their big time investors due to individuals essentially taking the brand and using it as a tool of destruction, this was fascinating to me and makes me want to research into more brands like Savile Row Tailors in 1950 and Burberry in the early 2000s.