Week Four – The Presentation


Today has been a very successful day for team ‘Epiphany’ as we have continued with the work we had started last week and began the video editing stage of the project. The day began with a short talk from Chris Glynn who spoke about the help available to us if needed, this help covered the thinking and video editing to groups who had no experience with using the software. As a group we spoke about what needs to be included in the video to get our idea across in the shortest amount of time possible, I believe that we have done this with some success but we will see in tomorrows presentation.

After the talk with Chris our group went to the computer room to continue with the content that is necessary for the video to flow nicely, I focused on the photo editing process which meant creating a logo and placing said logo onto the rendered product that Tom had made in SolidWorks.

Below are the finished images that were made during the day:

I believe that the team is quite pleased with the outcome of these two images, input was made throughout the editing process to ensure that we all thought it was a good representation of our product. As of writing this post I still have a few images to edit ready for tomorrow so they will be included at the end of today’s post as it is a part of what was discussed and conceptualized.

Below are the continued edited image:

Free Repair


Today was another successful day for team ‘Epiphany’, we continues on from yesterdays editing and managed to finish the video with a good three hours to spare. Our group worked very hard to finish this project to the best of our ability, although unfortunately one of our team members could not make it in, we soldiered on with great enthusiasm and some amazing ideas bounced around the group to ensure the video stuck in the viewers head after watching.

The link to our groups video presentation:

Post Presentation: 

I believe that today’s video presentation was quite a success. After the whole of group 6 had watched our video the reaction was mostly positive apart from some very important words from Richard who spoke about our concept going bust after everyone had bought the bag and handed it down to their offspring, ideas of having accessory products were put forward from members of the surrounding groups which I thought were very promising and a great solution to our dyer problem that Richard had brought to light.

It was clear that in our video did not include some of the basic points that were needed to become a truly ‘successful’ marketing video, just to point out a few:

  • Funding Needed for the Project
  • Production Methods with Detail
  • Perks of each Investment

I am truly delighted with the individuals who I had the pleasure of working with for this very short week and two days, I believe I have learnt a lot about not only the individuals I worked with but myself as a student of Product Design, the experience of working with individuals with skills I had not possessed yet and desired is very rewarding in terms of picking up those said skills and the mentality of say a Textile Artist or a Fine Artist.

Now is a great time to mention the amazing efforts of the group members, Jenny spent so much time editing, refining and critiquing the video to what it is now, she had so many ideas as to how this video could become better and better. Gery collected some great images that were put into the video, he also found the background music which is used and I believe it was a perfect fit for the tempo of the video. Tom spent so much time working on the backpack and its CAD design, it came out beautifully in the rendering software which is present in the video more than once, although he had not been familiar with SolidWorks for long he did his utmost and succeeded in creating a great concept.

Carrying on from the collaborative field project I plan on using everything new I have learnt from working with a combination of fields for my individual project which will commence next Monday. I have had ideas from the beginning of the field project about the variation of products that could be redesigned and now I am questioning some of those ideas which I can see is a good thing. I look forward to the individual project although working with others was a lot of fun.