Week Three – Collab of Fields

As the two weeks of Collaborating with different fields drew closer I became more and more uncertain of the outcome from working with Fine artists, Ceramicists, Textile Artists and Architects. I believed that I would be the unlucky one who fell within a group of individuals who did not care about the project and who would not make an effort of attending the planned sessions.


The Monday saw the entirety of Group 6 attend the initial session where we met both Ingrid Murphy and Chris Glynn, they explained the briefing for the two weeks, this is said briefing:

In this project you are asked to work collaboratively to create a pitch for a crowd funded project. Crowd funding has changed how we can realise creative projects. One crowd funding site, Kickstarter, has successfully funded 99,929 creative projects since it began in 2009, therefore making it a formidable force across art, design, craft & technology.

After receiving the brief Ingrid and Chris discussed words which are attributed to the fields we all work within, I found it quite interesting that most of the words suggested were already a part of my vocabulary. I really enjoyed the brief lesson on the various fields as I am not familiar with the processes of making although I would love to learn and explore different aspects which could filter through for my individual project which begins in the seventh week of term.

An activity I was not exactly excited about was introducing myself to the others within Group 6, we were asked to write down our strengths and weaknesses then go forth and find our group members for the two weeks, this was a very uncomfortable five minutes which felt like a lifetime. Luckily I became a part of a pretty solid group that I believe are hard-working individuals who want to get work done with great results.

The members of the group including their field:

  • Jennifer Evans – Textiles.
  • Janet Blackman – Fine Art.
  • Gery Ninahaza – Architectural Design.
  • Thomas Fantom – Product Design.
  • Myself. – Product Design.

Following on from the introductions our group spent some time discussing possible ideas for this project, we discussed problems that could warrant a new product and we discussed previous projects like the ‘Into the Woods’ project that was run by Olivia Kotsifa which looked at going outside and experiencing nature. We all agreed on the idea of having a backpack which could interact with the environment in which it was located. I was very excited about the idea of designing a backpack for this field project, as I looked around at our group I knew we would be able to come up with an idea that could be a serious concept for the cause which we are tackling and to be a part of this was quite intriguing for me.

by the end of the day we had a pretty good idea of what direction we wanted to take this field project towards, we set each other different tasks of researching which could be completed for the Tuesday morning ready for more critiquing and advanced ideas for completing the project. I had the task of researching why people stay indoors and what they dislike about going outside, I also had the opportunity of coming up with concept designs for the backpack.


The second day saw our group, named ‘Epiphany’, discussed the findings of the research we had gathered Monday night, Gery and Tom both gathered some interesting information on technology that could be used for the backpack to gather the information of where the owner has been and the mapped path of where and when this activity was performed. Jennifer and Janet both produced a Pinterest collage of different backpacks which included a variation of materials.

Below are screenshots of both Pinterest collages:

I presented my concept drawings to the group and we discussed the diversity of the designs and the potentials of some which were agreed upon, we focused mainly at a leather backpack instead of any other material mostly because of the aesthetics and how it can gracefully age over time. Once we had agreed on an initial design to then develop Janet planned out the timetable for our Kickstarter video, this was especially difficult because of the different ideas all of us were introducing as the plan was being conceived.

Below are the initial concept drawings that I produced for the following morning:

To sum up the ending of Tuesday our group have a solid idea of the backpack, we have an initial design which will be developed on and our video which will be presented has both a timetable and narration already completed which is now ready for the editing stage which will commence next Monday, I believe ‘Epiphany’ has worked very well together in getting a lot of work done in a short amount of time which is quite obviously our enemy for this collaborative project.


I did not spend Wednesday on campus, I thought I would be able to get more of the concept drawings and initial figure drawings. I believe that these concept drawings were pretty successful as I attempted to do something that I hadn’t tackled before, this was morphing a product to the figure of a human body, I am sure that the group will have a appreciation of these concepts and they could be used in some way for our presentation video on Tuesday the 16th.



Thursday was not spent how I would have liked, the communication of the group was very limited with just a few emails passed around. ‘Epiphany’ spoke of an app which was available where the bag owner could look at their history and locations that were visited so I began the concepts with creating a smart phone app view and laptop view which would be used for the Kickstarter video.

The process of editing the app screenshots was not difficult at all, as I have had some previous experience with Photoshop the concepts were completed within an hour or two. I believe that it is is essential for the video to show what the key aspects of the product are, if the viewer is aware of what he/she is buying into then the potential of the concept becomes even clearer.

Below are the App concepts that I created for both mobile and laptop use:

App Displays


The last day of the week saw almost no work for the field done on my part, I had spent the morning attending the SolidWorks tutorial and the afternoon working on refining some of the backpack concepts for the group to discuss. I do believe that due to the other group members having workshops/lectures and their own personal business to attend to the field project timing has been extended a little more than anticipated.

I am extremely pleased with the work that each individual has done throughout the first week of this field project, we have come together and used our skills to come up with a solid idea and a project to be quite pleased with. I am fully aware of the time constraints that this project has put each of us under and with more time I am sure the outcome of Tuesdays presentation could have been more impressive and defined.

The plan for Monday is to collect all of our material and sort it into a one minute video, I believe that we may encounter some difficulty with including certain bits of information.