Field Week Two – Concept Drawing


The beginning of the day saw our group presenting the work we had done last week, I believe this presentation went quite well as Theo seemed to like most of the information we had presented. Theo spoke about not necessarily holding on to the product that we have researched about but to focus on the meanings behind certain sentimental characteristics instead, I think that working with other fields will come in handy for new perspectives on design and my ideas.

The afternoon was spent discussing the plan for the rest of the week, we decided that each of the group members would produce one or two concept drawing sheets which showed different variations of pen. The concept drawings begin on Tuesday where Gareth will lead the activities for the day.

Pen Presentation – 01.02.16



We began the day with a talk from Gareth and he discussed the overview of the field project so we understood it further, this was followed by a documentary about the waste disposal system of Britain during the war and throughout the 1950s. The documentary really shocked me as I was not aware of the recycling methods within Birmingham during the 50s where they worked rigorously to re-use, reduce and recycle the waste the city produced at that time.

The second half of the day was spent working within our groups on the concept drawings, our group spent a short time working individually where we produced some concepts. I believe this time was well spent as when we came back as a group we discussed the ideas we had and when we liked or disliked about each design.

Gareth discussed each of the groups ideas and gave his opinions of what could also be looking at instead of just concept drawing, this was an interesting idea which I wouldn’t have though of. The end of the day saw all of the groups discussing their concept drawings, although not final it allowed for everyone to acknowledge the ideas that were being discussed in each group.



The Wednesday was pretty uneventful in terms of work being complete, our group decided that the day was not needed to complete the work for Fridays presentation. Research was done for materials which was very helpful in coming up with the concept drawings, our group thought it would be a great idea to present samples of the materials the pen could be made from, this meant collecting materials which could be presented on the Friday.


Thursday saw a lot of work being done, material samples and concept drawings were presented for analysis by the group. The day began with individual Constellation lectures from 9am till 11am, afterwards we spent half an hour trying to decide on a concept drawing that we all agreed upon and had a good reason for doing so. Once that was done we continued with developing the pen with different variations and material concepts.

The day was well spent completing work like the 3D marker rendering of the pen which we decided to present for Friday, I was quite pleased with the outcome of the rendering and I think our group had worked well on completing the required work for the Friday deadline.


The Friday morning saw no opportunity for group work but most of the work had been completed either previously in the studio or at home individually, I really liked the outcome of the groups work both drawing and material wise – I believe the group has worked well over the past two weeks and I am happy with how our work has been presented.