SolidWorks Tutorial – Introduction

The first tutorial for SolidWorks was very interesting as I had not used the software prior to the tutorials, I found it easy to follow the steps in understanding the different tools and mouse actions. I believe that I will be able to advance my skill level by following a tutorial playlist which I have found on YouTube, I will be able to re-watch certain parts of the tutorials where I may find difficult in order to understand it completely.

I am looking forward to developing my CAD skills as I am aware of how useful they are for my projects and also for when I eventually begin working for companies. I have been told that SolidWorks is used by most of the major companies that are around today so this will make it easier when I leave so I wont necessarily need to learn completely new software.

The Images below are screenshots of the objects created during the tutorials, I am very pleased with my progress with SolidWorks and I plan on learning a lot more over the course of the tutorials and also in my free time.

First Tutorial