‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ – W_One

Today was the introduction into the constellation lectures for ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. The beginning of this terms lectures started quite gracefully, we were told about what we will be doing over the coming weeks and it sounds rather exciting. I have already learnt quite a bit from the first lecture which included ‘Cath’s Columns’ which sees an image being analysed through three columns – Description, Analysis and Theory.

Description: Describing each feature of the image

Analysis: Cultural meaning Association/Symbolism

Theory: To Support The Analysis – Academic Research – Quotes

It is surprisingly easy to process as we were given the example of Madonna, we were asked to work in pairs to analyse the two images below:

I think that this process for analysing an image can really help me and my essay writing not only this year but the following two years also, Cath Davies explained that this process could easily be used when writing the dissertation in the third year and I am very much looking forward to understanding it more and more as the weeks go on. I was told that there was an opportunity for me to return to my first research paper (which was written in the first term) to develop it for the informal assessment which goes towards my final mark.

I am both excited yet troubled by what will be discussed in the future lectures as I would very much like to achieve a great deal of success whilst studying at university with the minimal amount of failure possible and the unknown allows for possible failure to occur at any moment which is certainly not welcome.