Field Week One -Initial Briefing


The beginning of the day started off quite quickly, we met with Theo in the corner space where he then started to talk about this terms project and the brief.

The Briefing: To (re-)design something that is currently just ordinary into something extra-ordinarily beautiful.

What piece of product design has been handed down to you (a piece of jewellery, a photo album, watch, tools, furniture, kettle, iron, etc.

Field Project – PD Briefing

After explaining the brief we took a look at the deadlines and deliverables expected at the end of each week. In the groups of five we then set out to spend a little time thinking about what products could be re-designed to fit the brief.


The second day working within groups involved two additions to our three person team, this was good news for me as I wanted the work to be evenly distributed. The group is consisting of Myself, Huw Jenkins, Mathew Griffin and new comers Megan Thurston and Ed Pecherek.

We began the day with an idea of a crafting knife which also houses a bottle opener for a quirky feel, as the time went on and new people joined the group we began to visit other ideas that could work just as well or even better than the previous – this conversation led to the idea of a pen that is customisable by the individual buying as they can include different logo’s, names or crests that symbolises themselves, we also looked at engraving finger prints onto the surface of the pens that could belong to relatives or could be included after every new owner.


Yesterday we were tasked with creating mood boards which presented the different aspects of a pen – History, Novelty, Uses, Material and The Beautiful. Our group decided to split these themes individually so the work load would be evenly divided, I found from previous group activities that this helps quite a bit with moral and team relationships.

The mood boards will be continuing through to Thursdays as we will begin with ethnography photographing for evidence purposes.


Thursday was primarily used to catch up on the mood board progress and to look where we were in terms of completion for Mondays presentation with Gareth.


Friday saw another Solidworks tutorial where we were taught how to use the sweep tool, this tutorial took up most of the morning and the afternoon was not spent working on our presentation for Monday.