Attending my first Conference

To officially start the Field project we attended two small conferences that we had the opportunity to choose prior, I thought it would be quite interesting to attend ‘Capacities for Destruction: Creative, Appetite, Spirit and Jeopardy’ and ‘Into the Woods: Away from Screens’. I believe I took something from both conferences that I will be able to use one way or another in future designs.

Conference One: In small groups we unveiled some of the things that we believed cause the world to suffer and most importantly not develop, subjects like War, Religion, Pollution, Politics and Major Countries around the world. This made me think about how my contribution to the design world could easily become a burden and hinder the effort against global warming and other dyer issues in today’s world.

Conference Two: For the second conference Olivia Kotsifa spoke about the benefits of children being outdoors where they experience nature and life that live within it, I recognised this theme from one of the projects that we had during the first term – this was a good recap of what I had learnt. I thought about how it was possible for me to contribute towards this cause by introducing new ‘things’ into society that could somehow attract youth into going outdoors and interacting with what had been forgotten.

These two conferences allowed me to decide what kind of designer I wanted to be and I believe it would be very beneficial for me to not so much focus on designing to develop the world but to think about what goes into my products so they don’t only benefit one individual.

I did not have any preconceived opinions of what the Future Generations Conference would consist of or how it would be presented. The speaker of this conference was David Hieatt who co-founded the Jean company Hiut Denim co. – He spoke about his company and how he started from nothing, this was really interesting to hear and quite inspirational in my opinion. David was in the process of trying to get 400 people back into work with the help of his company, he discussed how he does not have a budget for marketing yet still gets the Hiut Denim co. name across the world.


David Hieatt, Hiut Denim Co. (Above)