Week Eleven – Big Data & The Internet of Things


As the first term was drawing to an end we began our final week project, this week we took a look at data and how we are surrounded by it almost everyday –

Open Data – Data that anyone can access, use and share.

Closed Data – Data that only people inside of an organisation can see.

Shared Data – Data shared between a specific group of people for a specific purpose. 

For this weeks brief we were asked to work in groups of 3-4 and create a product that would use open data in order to benefit the city of Cardiff and its surrounds for the better.

I originally thought this weeks project would be quite difficult but I believe that was because of the way the brief was explained at the beginning – As I came to understand the brief I realised that it was a pretty simply project, especially with a group effort.

The Group: Myself, Mathew Griffin, Tom Fantom and Owain Cadman

Our idea was an interactive information board that would serve the public by allowing them to access the most important information about the city of Cardiff, this board would allow individuals to see where the nearest restaurants, bars, shopping centres and much more but with added information – our group thought about how we could use open data to allow people to book the table of their choice, to see where the most busy places around Cardiff are with the help of open data and this interactive board.

Overall I believe that this week has been quite beneficial, I now realise that there could be a lot of potential profits to be made from sharing open data through different services which make the lives of the population a little easier.

I believe I have started to develop my concept models using basic CAD software (SketchUp). I look forward to the second term where I will be introduced to SolidWorks, I hope to become familiar with this software over the next month to get a step ahead.

The Project Document:






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