Week Ten – Ethnography

For this weeks project we discussed ‘Ethnography’ and how it works within the field of Product Design, I began the week not knowing of the word ‘Ethnography’ but little did I know that I used a process similar whilst studying for my A-Levels – I believe that I understood this process very well and I had a good amount of knowledge for what could be done during the rest of the week.

We were tasked with finding a problem and the grounds for a solutions using both primary and secondary research, this week allowed me to work in a group of three and I found this to be a great advantage as we split the work load which allowed us to get the work finished at a quicker rate than usual.

My group consisted of myself, Tom Fantom and Owain Cadman – I believe our presentation took great benefit from having different minds look and give opinions/criticism on what could be improved or included in order for us to make a compelling presentation for our problem.

The problem that our group chose to tackle was refuelling and the process that people undergo whilst refuelling their vehicles – we found some potential issues with the current process and thought it would be interesting to see how we could confront them through our research methods.

There was no feedback for this weeks project since Gareth was unwell – I believe I may have some feedback on our project in January as we will be working on a group project similar to this once.

The video of our presentation: